Our approach

We never experiment on companies’ communications because we know exactly how each channel and instrument works. We are deeply immersed in the financial market. That’s why we don’t strive, we do what should be done. You won’t be the first for us. We have various cases in different sectors of finance and fintech. Our experience allows us to fully cover the industry. We will keep in touch with you daily, Because we are not the one who comes, conquers and leaves.

Depending on the region you choose and how complicated your task is, we will form a team working just for you. Because no matter how many clients we have, we maintain an individual approach and build a personalized strategy for each project. Entrust the management of your communications to us or direct the work yourself — it will not affect the result.

Launch new companies

Whatever market you choose, local or global, we will launch your campaign and make you enter this region for your potential clients and investors. We will help your business run using the most efficient PR instruments.

Executive Communication

At a time when everyone expects transparency from a business, it is more essential than ever to represent a leader in the right light. That’s why we deeply analyse your C-level management portraits and help build images that the audience will trust.

Research data management

Our Data Department uses the best market approaches to help our clients evaluate the efficiency of communications, measure progress and build future plans.

Content marketing

When it comes to content you can fully rely on us. Our writers know exactly what key messages the audience should hear. Give us the ideas you want to share and we will broadcast it through the media these people trust.

Public Relation

Let us reimagine and refine your standing in the eyes of potential clients and partners. We’ll pick up exactly those instruments and channels that suit your business best.


Haven’t found what interests you? Whatever your goals, short-term or long-term, our experienced specialists will select an individual development path for you and direct your communications in the right way. Find out more about the markets of other countries, PR in the Asian region, learn how to work with social media, get deep competitive analysis with our consulting department. We will select a team of specialists for you and will advise you how to attract new partners. We will assist you in meetings in different countries and with us you will have a deal on the most favorable terms.

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