Leadership team

Our team brings together professionals with diverse backgrounds. We include financiers and economists, bankers and regulators, and financial journalists. Each one of them is highly qualified.

We have carved a clear niche and plunged deeply into the topic of finance in order to be as effective as possible in working with clients. We have been communicating with companies from the financial sector for over 10 years, so we are sure that we speak the same language. And that’s what gives us an advantage in the market.

Founder and CEO

Maria Polyakova

Co-founder and COO

Director of External Communications Department

Kamilla Rzakova

Chief Finance Officer

Vadim Zubkov

Head of Data Analytics Department

Alina Sysoeva

PR Manager

Ksenia Sokolova

PR Manager

Dmitry Zelenko

General Counsel for Regulatory Affairs

PR Manager - UK branch