Drofa Comms` CEO and Founder is in the Women in PR association

We are glad to announce that Valentina Drofa, Founder and CEO of Drofa Comms, joined the Women in PR association. This step will allow Valentina to accede the inclusive community of senior and middle management women in PR to share her own wide experience and adopt the knowledge of other members of the association.

We, at Drofa Comms, believe that the difference in our background is a wonderful, however sometimes overlooked, asset to the company’s culture. It has been an eyeopener to new approaches to seemingly boring PR cases. Just like the association, we strive to build a cohesive team, conduct joint events, training  and create a favorable atmosphere within the team. Therefore, we believe that Valentina’s membership in the association will become a new step in the history of our company.

“A warm atmosphere within the Drofa Comms team is one of my biggest priorities and I do my best to create opportunities for the experience exchange between our employees. I believe that these are the key conditions for the successful development of the company, so I am glad that my views coincide with the interests of the Women in PR association. I am pleased that in the modern world there are such organisations that we could only dream of 15 years ago. It is also especially valuable for me that the association works with successful women who were able to reach professional heights despite various obstacles.” – remarks Valentina Drofa, Founder and CEO of Drofa Comms.