Will 2023 Become a Game Changer for PR Industry? Key Takeaways from PRCA and Agility PR Solutions Webinars
Will 2023 Become a Game Changer for PR Industry?

Considering topics and issues which PR professionals have been discussing lately, it is obvious that the planning horizon has noticeably narrowed, while technology, regulations, and society face major challenges at the moment. The PR industry has to transform, while using smart strategies, and evolve to keep up with new business and economic landscapes.

Drofa Comms studied forecasts given by various PR and Comms experts during PRCA and Agility PR webinars and is ready to share the most relevant industry trends we need to be mindful of in the year ahead.

  • Implement Artificial Intelligence. AI can be used for research purposes, so either to enhance or compete with Goggle, AI can help with creating social media posts in different styles still remaining an advisor not a copywriting platform.
  • Think of competitive advantages. Be deliberate and make sure you are not telling purpose stories for purpose or just to engage audiences, but as a part of a long term strategy that aligns for our business. That makes us authentic and gives us a voice in the space.
  • Be conscious and mindful of “green” regulation. Over the next 12 months, we will see an increasing number of green claims which will help to define what the rules actually are. We have to be really conscious of what the guidance says and be willing to change internally when we are asked to communicate about something that sounds outlandish. If you think something feels weird, do not do it without asking some questions first.
  • Be sensitive to localities. Try to implement a “gloсal” mindset: thinking globally, acting and messaging locally. Data for data’s sake does not make any sense. You need the reasons why those things would make sense within the local areas.
  • Changing behaviour of social media users.  People are using social media in different ways now. That impacts the way brands must use it and the way they can use it for marketing and communication purposes. Even if looking at podcasting, for example, which has been a trend now again for three or four years, it is still growing. Follow the flow and try to observe the new community’s needs.

«Traditional techniques in PR strategies are not losing ground, but new trends are rapidly being introduced into classic tools. In the near future, the diversification of PR activities, connection to new platforms and involvement of specialists with different social experience will continue and help to develop a strong PR strategy”, shares Alina Sysoeva, Senior PR Manager at Drofa Comms.