What You Need to Know About Crisis PR in the Age of Activism. Insights from PRCA Crisis Comms Conference 2023
What You Need to Know About Crisis PR in the Age of Activism

If last year in fintech has taught us anything, it is that PR in crisis is a vital tool to maintain brand viability. Nowadays, organisations are facing immense pressure from both individual and collective activism, and the role of crisis communications has risen exponentially.

On May 25, the Drofa Comms team attended an inline conference organised by PRCA, “Crisis Communications in a New Age of Activism”, gathering top-notch professionals in PR and reputation protection as well as climate and justice activists. Here are the main takeaways from the conference that will help organisations build up their reputation amid the age of activism:

  • Be a part of a change. Generation Z and millennials are more eager to be drawn to brands that show authenticity, transparency, and support for meaningful activism. 
  • Inaction is better than greenwashing. Potential employees and clients will not be open to engagement with companies and agencies that practice greenwashing, involving claims to deceive consumers into believing that the company is environmentally friendly and sustainable. It is best to approach activism thoughtfully than rush headlong into meaningless greenwashing.
  • Leverage social media tools. Social media is not new but THE news of today. Thousands of people receive the majority of their news dose via this powerful tool. So utilise social media, and engage with activists’ audiences online.

“In the era of activism and anti-activism, crisis communications have become the vital compass guiding organisations through treacherous waters. As PR pros, we must effectively navigate these turbulent tides, for, in times of crisis, our professional response can determine the fate of companies’ reputations and HR branding. Embrace the challenges and wield transparency, as the future generations of employees and customers are looking for authentic brands they can trust”, shares Alina Sysoeva, Senior Account Manager at Drofa Comms.