Drofa Comms upholds an individual approach to every client. We build a personalised PR strategy for every finance firm in our portfolio, respectfully to our client’s needs. That is what allows us to create a compelling brand identity and convey it to diverse audiences.

Public Relations

Our PR team is represented by seasoned niche professionals worldwide that take an individual approach to assisting our clients.
    ➥ Learn more about the top-notch PR services we provide our clients with.

Executive Communications

We leverage the unique expertise and perspective of a CEO or company leader to build stakeholders’ loyalty and finance industry credibility.
    ➥ Take a look at the tools we use to assist executives throughout a successful PR journey.

Content Creation

Our multi-national content team works with diverse formats of financial storytelling, successfully assisting with localisation in the UK, EU, LATAM, and US markets.
    ➥ This is how materials on behalf of our clients get featured in Tier-1 finance and business media.

Brand Building

We increase our client’s visibility and develop a comprehensive communications strategy to highlight the company’s strengths.
    ➥ Here is how we ensure the first thought associated with your brand is positive.

Social Media Management

The team guides our client’s social media presence to demonstrate the speaker’s expertise in the most organic way.
    ➥ See the social media tools we use to build credibility and nurture journalists’ trust in our client’s expert stand on industry developments.

Event and Awards Support

We carefully select networking and participation opportunities in leading conferences and awards for finance speakers that would benefit our clients.
    ➥ Learn how we accompany our clients before, during, and after major finance events to be on top of industry trends and raise brand awareness.

Strategic PR Consulting

In addition to a turnkey PR, we offer professional support and resources to financial firms and assistance in working on their brand, PR strategy, and pinpoint PR campaigns aimed at local markets.
    ➥ See what consulting services might assist in expanding your brand.

Investor Relations

By combining finance expertise and outstanding PR, we successfully assist our clients in presenting the company’s attractive business angle and positioning to prospective investors.
    ➥ This is how our clients ensure IPO success, attract valuable investments, and build strong relationships with stakeholders.

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