March8: Educate, Motivate, Elevate
March8: Educate, Motivate, Elevate

On International Women’s Day, March8 community celebrated the launch of their very first Magazine. Masha Balanovich, Drofa Comms’ UK PR Manager, reports on the event and the discussions raised.

“Most importantly,” she remarks, “it was a gathering of numerous inspiring women discussing their success stories and how their companies contribute to women’s empowerment. The conference was divided into three sections: Educate, Motivate, Elevate with panel discussions in-between.”

Masha adds: “Women in tech have been set back 10 to 20 years as one of the consequences of the pandemic. Events like this one could be a trampoline for many to launch her career and seize the moment. 

As a financial and fintech company we are daily involved in our bubble knowing the problems the industry has and contributing to their solutions. However, expertise from other, seemingly unrelated fields, could help see that other angle and think outside of the box. March8 speakers work at pharmaceutical, sport, gaming, wellness, marketing and many other industries and I’m sure that this kind of diversity is empowering in itself.”