June 19-23 Recap: Drofa Comms Shares Insights from Four High-Profile Events in London

The Drofa Comms team was on an event spree last week, attending Fintech Week London, Crypto AM 5th Birthday Party, Banking Transformation Summit, and Digital Assets & Web3 Garden Party at Hurlingham Club. All four finance and fintech gatherings united remarkable speakers and attendees and presented great networking opportunities. Let’s delve into the most memorable insights gleaned from each event.

Fintech Week London, June 19-20

The two-day Fintech Week London proved to be an unmissable gathering of industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was able to accommodate hundreds of attendees and an expo with dozens of companies showcasing fintech products and services.

The event accentuated the transformative power of technology in reshaping the financial landscape, covering a range of topics, from the future of embedded finance, inclusive ESG practices and insurtech to crypto regulations, metaverse, and fintech VC. 

The main takeaway: there is an undoubtful rise in recognition of “tech” in finance – fintech, regtech, insurtech, wealthtech – and now is the time of innovation and the levelling up of the finance world.

Crypto AM 5th Birthday Party, June 21

June 19-23 Recap: Drofa Comms Shares Insights from Four High-Profile Events in London

Celebrating its fifth anniversary, the Crypto AM Birthday Party was held at The Boisdale in Canary Wharf, bringing together the crème de la crème of the crypto community. The event’s main focus was on mass crypto adoption and industry regulations in the UK. Lisa Cameron, an MP to the House of Commons, emphasised that full-fledged regulatory acts should be expected in the nearest future.

The conversation was likewise centred around the metaverse. Most agreed that it’s too early to draw conclusions about whether this emerging and much-on-gaming technology will become crucial for DeFi.

The main takeaway: it’s unlikely that crypto will completely replace traditional banks; however, blockchain technologies must definitely be implemented and tested by TradFi players. 

Banking Transformation Summit, June 22

The 5th annual event was held at International Convention Centre, London, and united more than 1,000 attendees from the banking sectors around the world. One of the major topics was a dilemma surrounding anonymity in the DeFi world and how to tackle this issue as part of the decentralisation of the banking systems.

The main takeaway: there is a clear understanding that the banking sector is yet to prepare for full-fledged crypto adoption.

Digital Assets & Web3 Garden Party at Hurlingham Club, June 23

Last but certainly not least, the House of Block event was a quintessence of exclusivity – and no wonder, as the event was held at one of the world’s finest private member clubs. The conversation centred around Web3, NFT, and crypto, and as part of the event, a real-time NFT auction resulted in the sale of the painting to six happy investors.

The main takeaway: the human element and networking still hold an invaluable place in the finance industry. 

Stay tuned for the upcoming events; summer 2023 promises to be hot!