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Web 3.0 vs Traditional PR: Who Is The Top Dog?

At the beginning of this month, I took part in the Onboard2023 conference dedicated to the subject of Web 3.0 marketing. After taking a look at what is currently being discussed in this industry, I decided to share some thoughts of my own. 

The concept of Web 3.0 continues to be one of the hottest topics going around and its decentralised nature is often mentioned in conjunction with content creation and new ways of promoting projects. Even with the current Web 2.0 generation, we can see the massive effect that the Internet and social media have on the way companies do business. Influencers, cross-channel marketing, geo-targeted ads – all of these things are already commonly employed in brand-making and promotion.

The idea behind Web 3.0 marketing is to take these existing practices to a new level by allowing marketers to create advertisements that are even more fine-tuned to reach their target audience. To wield blockchain technology as a way of building data-driven, open and transparent relationships between businesses and their customers. 

That being said, for now, I feel like there is far too much vagueness to such descriptions. It needs to be considered that Web3 is still an idea very much in its infancy, and for many people, the possibilities in this sector remain rather obscure. Web2 marketers are said to be threatened by the colleagues behind the Web3 barricade. Even though, if that is in fact so or wishful thinking on the Web3 marketers’ part remains unclear, I do believe in the future possible synergy between the two.

Many projects in crypto and fintech these days tend to promote themselves by launching groups on Discord, Twitter, and other social platforms, as a way of appealing to the community directly. Thing is, though, that without proper media coverage, it is still hard to achieve and maintain an image of a reliable project rather than a fly-by-night one. 

Traditional PR stands to gain you a lot more in this regard, but, obviously, it also requires a more serious commitment if you want to gain a long-term foothold in your chosen market. A well-thought-out PR campaign stands to yield far greater results than a simple social channel. Especially if said channel is being haphazardly maintained, as is all too often the case, unfortunately.

On our PR hill, we believe in not only making our clients be seen but in casting them in the right light and to the right people. We provide in-depth coverage in media that carry weight in their respective fields, and in doing so connect companies with a more thinking audience whose support can genuinely lead both sides to benefit.