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Eastern allure: why Asia is a promising market for the western investor

Corporate webinars and blogs on communications could be the answer to many questions: how increase sales, grow your brand, reach more potential customers and establish yourself in the region. DROFA CA is not only responsible for a training of the team, but also learns from them. Svyatoslav Gazandzhiev, Senior Communications Manager at DROFA CA, is an expert in the field of Far East and Asia. Today he will find out why the East remains a strategic priority for the West.

Eastern Allure: Why Asia Is a Promising Market for the Western Investor.

Part 1

“Why Asia?”

The answer to this question is obvious to anyone who is the least bit involved in business. This region is currently setting the pace for global economic growth and actively expands on trends that come from the West. Entering the Asian market is the dream of many companies, especially in tech. The Asian-Pacific region is a logical next step for their business.

Developed countries are still out ahead of developing countries in just about every market measure. Nonetheless, investors are paying more and more attention to the rapidly growing Asian markets. No surprise there: imagine having a gigantic sales market worth $6.6 trillion in front of you and you don't know how to get into it. That's when you start asking yourself questions like: “How do I ride this wave?” “How do I catch the biggest trends in the most promising region?” “Why is the Asian-Pacific Region (APR) growing and what are the unique features of its local trends?” So let's delve into the key features of this market.