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Drofa Comms Monthly Roundup — August 2022

Autumn is coming, and so do the discussions around cybersecurity. The last summer month was rich in news on hacks and security breaches. Cryptocurrency bridge provider Nomad experienced the largest hack in crypto history — $190 million was stolen.

Moreover, after receiving a $30 million fine from the New York regulator for violating AML, cybersecurity, and consumer protection, Robinhood announced a 44% drop in revenues and had to let go of 800 employees.

But on the more positive side of things, we have news on crypto getting new headways in the art and jewellery industries. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, class 2022, includes NFTs and gold. The company released 250 NFTiff that could be purchased for 30 ETH or about $50K. Another big NFT release — a British music band Muse released a new album, ‘Will Of The People’, offering a limit of 1K NFTs.

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