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5 Tips on How to Use AI Tools in Written Content Creation
5 Tips on How to Use AI Tools in Written Content Creation

Drofa Comms Content team conducted an experiment: we let our colleagues from different departments analyse three incognito texts on the same topic: the role of AI in PR. One text was written by a human, a PR professional to be precise, and two were generated by AI. Here is part I, where we share the results of this experiment.

As we can see, with a given clear requirement specifications, AI can work its magic and provide a decent piece of written material. However, a human being is still needed to compile the assignment, check it and edit it to meet the standards. 

Who knows, maybe in the next couple of years, we will see a rise in job descriptions replete with “ability to work with AI”. For now, I would like to summarise the main points that will help writers and other content creators get the most out of working with AI.

  1. Set tasks correctly. AI is great at finding the best matching answers to your questions from the web, but it cannot generate content from the void. You need to assign tasks correctly, including all the necessary input data: subject matter, exciting topics, word count, etc.
  1. Edit to the max. As we can see from the experiment, even with a given word count AI can misinterpret your words or make a mistake. Be careful with logical transitions and opinions stated in an AI-generated text. Any piece should be edited and proofread, and AI is no exception to the rule.
  1. Check for plagiarism. AI basically generates content based on the existing one on the Internet. And the risk of plagiarism varies depending on the AI model you use.
  1. Fact-check the numbers. Not only do humans generate false news, but machines are also pretty self-sufficient in that matter. Let’s avoid spreading disinformation and check the facts before publishing.
  1. Add a human touch. AI can lack originality, and search engines’ ranking systems aim to prioritise content that demonstrates originality, expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. If you want to rank high in search results, be sure these criteria are met.

AI solutions are rapidly evolving, and we are always looking for the next efficient tools to implement and test in our work. Stay tuned for the updates.