How to Plan Your Comms Strategy in 2023. Drofa Comms Shares Highlights from PR Daily Webinar
How to Plan Your Comms Strategy in 2023. Drofa Comms Shares Highlights from PR Daily Webinar

Every year starts the same for communications pros — with PR planning. But we should always remember that change is the one constant. Beyond our overall goals (such as brand recognition, SEO and lead generation) PR pros should determine their channel strategy and what needs to be in the toolbox. 

Experts speaking during the latest PR Daily webinar, dove deeper in the discussion. They dug into external comms planning goals, channel strategy, content writing and media pitching. 

One major topic of discussion was top communication goals for 2023. Experts shared key industry trends and provided their tips on how to reach the desired objectives. So what do PR pros should focus on this year when thinking through their strategic plan?

  • Increasing brand recognition. If this is your overarching goal, ensure you have strong definitions of what this means to your organization and how you’re measuring progress along the way; 
  • Having communication planning. There are numerous online planning tools that will help you keep everything together and “not get lost”. Do not hesitate to explore templates and platforms like Trello, Haiilo, Airtable, Google Sheets, 
  • Developing a communication toolbox. When choosing comms channels pay attention to social media, email, SEO, paid search & social, affiliate partnerships, and events. 
  • Optimizing content. Implement SEO and follow its guidelines and build great content, develop external linking for getting better rankings;
  • Using analytics & measurement tools. Don’t neglect tools that will help measure your PR efforts: Google Analytics, Cision, Meltwater, Brand24 and others. 

“Developing a strong and relevant comms strategy is a crucial yet challenging task for all PR pros. To be honest, the secret here is quite simple: in order to achieve great results, prepare the ground for it. Determine goals and objectives of your campaign, decide on your team roles, identify key audience and channels, build communication calendar and review your toolbox — make use of the most up-to-date techniques. Once it’s done, trust me — great results will not be long in coming”,  shares Mary Poliakova, Co-founder and COO of Drofa Comms.