Drofa Comms at GDF Global Summit: Bitcoin — climate disaster or greenest technology there is?

Yesterday, 14 September, the Drofa Comms team was lucky enough to attend the GDF Global Summit discussing how sustainable Bitcoin is and how it impacts climate change. “Opponents argue that Bitcoin is a climate disaster responsible for destroying decades of progress made on environmental issues. Proponents counter that Bitcoin mining is one of the most sustainable and greenest industries on the planet. Neither claim holds up when subjected to the test of evidence.” We are incredibly happy that the crypto community is discussing the topic in relation to Bitcoin. We’ve always promoted the notion of cryptocurrencies being an integral part of our future, however, it’s absolutely clear that if Bitcoin has a deadly impact on the environment, it could only be developed further after some preventive measures are taken. GDF Summit provides a great platform for discussion and helps to take it one step forward.

“I’m greatly proud that the Drofa team participates in such initiatives as the GDF Global Summit. The relationship between Bitcoin and climate change is still somewhat uncertain and this kind of discussion is a great way to educate ourselves and stay up to date with the current developments”, — Valentina Drofa, CEO of CA Drofa.