From tactical to critical: Why PR belongs at the top table. Vuelio Webinar Highlights by Drofa Comms
From tactical to critical: Why PR belongs at the top table

Quite often the role of Public Relations is unrealised, underrated and overlooked. This is especially accurate now — in the times of economic crisis and massive layoffs in various industries. During the downturn, most companies tend to cut budgets and staff, with PR and marketing teams being the first to go in the majority of cases.

However, according to the experts speaking at the Vuelio panel discussion on November 21th, PR underestimation is a delusional approach. According to them, communications changed in the post-crisis year. Rachel Roberts, Founder and CEO of Spottydog Communications, stated that Public Relations managers became more in demand across the business. Alongside, PR teams are becoming an integral part of all meetings with management to advise, look at the business organization from a different angle and help make decisions on many issues, from remote work arrangements to the most complex strategic ones.

Much more than a tactical delivery function, PR is vital to strategic planning and management decision making, securing its place at the top table. Dr Jon White, fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in the UK, pointed out that the importance of PR in today’s business is determined by the business dependence on society, its preferences, perceptions and actions. 

“The crisis period is an evolutionary moment for PR. As marketing budgets are the first to cut «spending,» businesses are rethinking how to achieve goals and what tools to use to engage with audiences.  And here comes PR — with smart positioning it helps to build trust, increase brand awareness and show transparency and openness of the company to its clients and stakeholders.”,  shares Mary Poliakova, Co-founder and COO of Drofa Comms.

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