Apart from the standard Mass media services (link to the Corporate PR) (press-releases, comments, interviews), CA Drofa develops and implements special projects aimed at establishing relations with leading informational re-sources and opinion leaders.

Special projects goals may vary:

  • To present a company\new produсt\ service;
  • To differentiate from the competitors through media policy;
  • To stand out in the stream of standard analysis;
  • To get your opinion on an important matter across to your target audience, etc.

If you want to get the most efficient solution of communication tasks, then special projects are your best choice.

Within the framework of special projects, CA Drofa works together with editors and journalists to plan and bring to life:

  • Theme-based columns and blogs;
  • Round tables on a point of interest (both online and offline);
  • Press-tours to company’s office \ manufacturing facilities;
  • TV and radio programs;
  • Theme-based inserts and applications release;
  • Attracting media as informational partners of customer events;
  • Competitions, trivia and draw games.

Apart from Media relations we offer our customers tailored solutions:

  • Work with bloggers (search and prepare publications, tests, expert-tours to offices and manufacturing facilities);
  • Search for opinion leaders and interaction with them (forums, social net-works), etc.

Examples of CA Drofa special projects

Bloggers Expert Tour for SaxoBank

Company’s goal: to acquaint opinion leaders from different areas (finance, internet, advertising, startups) with the principles of SaxoBank’s work.

How it was done: we prepared a tour for bloggers to the headquarters of the company in Copenhagen so that they could meet the specialists and see the day-to-day work of the broker.

Functions of the Agency: to select bloggers, to arrange the trip, to prepare the program of the visit, to organize and monitor the publications, to consult the company on further interaction with bloggers, to provide reporting.

Outcome: 100% of planned publications, increased interest to the bank ser-vices in social media (based on measures before and after the event).

Regional round table for FOREX Club in Saint-Petersburg

Goal: to acquaint the regional journalists with the company’s representatives and lay ground for further communications.

How it was done: we organized the round table on current affairs with invited experts

Functions of the Agency: to develop the point of the round table discussion, to find and select journalists, to send invitations to the journalists, to monitor the publications.

Outcome: 15 publications from 13 journalists that attended the event. Regu-lar flow of requests from regional media to the company’s branch.

If you need an original approach to build relations with media, contact us and we will develop the projects to serve your needs.


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