Personal PR implies the promotion of an individual to create their personal brand. The business reputation is closely related to the image of its chief executives. That is why it is so vital to well-position top-managers and business owners along with business promotion.

Who needs personal PR:

  • Business owners and top managers (vital input into the company’s reputation);
  • Politicians (develop proper communications with electorate);
  • Public figures (promote yourself as a professional);
  • All interested in moving up the career ladder and work for prestigious com-panies.

What we do:

  • Develop personal PR-plan based on client’s goals;
  • Prepare personal positioning map;
  • Develop personal Media presentation program (publish comments, inter-views, articles);
  • Select and organize participation in important international and Russian in-dustry events;
  • Prepare public speeches;
  • Develop and implement behavior strategies in social mass media;
  • Prepare the client for public speeches (rhetorical training, public speaking skills, work with camera, answering awkward questions, NLP tech-niques in communication and presentations, image and style advice);
  • Assist in creating contacts within the industry and target audience.

Important. One of the Agency partners works personally with the client, to guarantee the utmost attention to the implemented project.

If you are ambi-tious, if you what to be known and earn more, ask Valentina Drofa how to do that within the shortest possible time.

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