PR is a key element of business that involves a whole complex of measures aimed at creating, maintaining and protecting reputation.

The corporate PR consists of several elements:

  • Communication audit (business and its competitors media space analysis);
  • Goal setting, strategy development and media campaign planning;
  • Defining the preferred media, media relations development;
  • News events creation and development;
  • Crisis and anti-crisis PR;
  • Consulting and training speakers

PR-services subscription

For the clients’ convenience we offer a subscription for PR services with the comprehensive business and brand PR support that involve the interaction with both the preferred media and the target audience and opinion leaders on different platforms aimed at strengthening the reputation of the company.

What we do under the subscription plan:

  • Prepare and distribute press-releases;
  • Prepare and distribute analytical materials ( 1 – 3 times a day);
  • Generate incoming requests from Media on meaningful news events;
  • Initiate interview and author’s articles publishing;
  • Prepare radio and TV programs;
  • Select and keep target forums;
  • Select and prepare participation in target events.

Important. The company will have a personal manager and a whole dedicat-ed team that will provide the full-scale media support (analysts, content-managers, SMM-specialists, forum managers).

The subscription-based work is very convenient due to high media coverage driven by the long-term nature of the cooperation and deep understanding of client’s internal procedures.

The clients are offered both standard and customized subscription packs, based on their special needs or projects.

The result of the Agency’s work is visible and measurable:

  • Higher media citation;
  • Higher expert recognition among the target audience;
  • Better company’s reputation;
  • Increased media space.

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