About us

Drofa is a communication agency that helps companies and their top managers to become interesting for Mass Media and their target audiences.

CA Drofa will help you to:

  • Build or improve your reputation;
  • Create the public image of a leader;
  • Enhance your media profile;
  • Build relations with Mass Media and the community;

If you want people to know about you, CA Drofa will give you a helping hand

Why we?

  • Specialization. We are not a Jack-of-all-trades. We work only with the financial and IT-companies, and it means that apart from PR-techniques and communications we know the market, and the products of the companies we work with. Our experience in the financial field is more than 8 years.
  • Integrity. We offer comprehensive PR-campaignes with invited NLP specialists, speakers, image-makers, renowned industry leaders, business consultants. We ease your communication with Media, organize events, publish books, newspapers, do research and analysis.
  • Liasons. Due to our extensive experience we have close contacts with Media, bloggers and opinion leaders. With the right approach they all will make your business grow faster.
  • Ideas. We are thrilled by intellectual projects that are hard or impossible to copy. That’s why our clients come and stay with us for many years.

History of CA Drofa

Agency was created in 2013. Before that each partner worked in the finance field and promoted separate companies as well as their own projects.

At first the CA Drofa worked only with online and traditional Mass Media, and later on began developing and bringing to life comprehensive solutions.

Over the years, the Agency managed to bring to market a number of new financial companies, increase sales figures of several brokerages and hold different conferences and forums.

The team

Valentina Drofa, Director

She graduated from the economic department of the St Petersburg State University in the field of «Corporate Management». She works in the area of the financial markets since 2007. She started her career as an account manager in a broker company and grew into the head of the educational center. She is the founder of iLerney.com, informational and educational internet-portal, that got an award of «Financial World» as the best internet resource for webinars on trading and finance in 2012.

In 2012 the jury of «Young Millionaires», annual award of «Business Petersburg», named her as the Best Businesswoman 2012.
In 2013, she entered the Council of Financial Awareness and Consumer Rights Protection in CIS.

In CA Drofa, she is in charge of the Agency strategy and work with key clients.

Maria Polyakova, Managing Partner

She graduated from Omsk Institute of Humanities, Department of Journalism. She worked as a reporter and editor for regional and federal publications, specializing in business. Since 2008 she worked with brokerages as an editor and analyst of corporate resources. She is being cited in major Russian and foreign Media: Vedomosti, Kommersant, Expert TV, Russia Today, Izvesia, RBC Daily, MK, Finam, etc.

In CA Drofa, she is in charge of interaction with Media and content projects.

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