Valentina Drofa Presented at CRYPTONIZATION in Kazakhstan

18 Jul

Valentina Drofa, CEO of the agencies Drofa and ICOPR Agency, presented at the CRYPTONIZATION conference, which took place in Kazakhstan on July 8, 2018. Valentina’s presentation concerned the particulars of promoting ICO projects in Asian markets.

“Our trip to Kazakhstan had two important objectives. The first was to present at the crypto conference organized by our client Taklimakan Network. I am very grateful to the event’s attendees and organizers for such a warm welcome. We had productive conversations about PR and marketing in one of the world’s most popular regions, Asia. Our second objective was to negotiate with potential clients on launching PR campaigns in Kazakhstan itself. Over the past year, we have had several interesting cases that we worked on in the country, and we are happy to talk about that experience. Many financial companies have long since wanted to enter Kazakhstan (not just in crypto, but also forex, for example), and we’re willing to help with that. In order to bring these plans to fruition more rapidly, we plan to open an agency office here before the end of the year,” comments Valentina Drofa.

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