The Financial Commission Relies On Drofa CA

02 Aug

The communication agency Drofa became a partner of the Financial Commission (FinaCom PLC LTD), the first neutral and independent organization engaged in dispute resolution on the Forex / CFD market.

“We were invited to partner with Finacom, and it’s very honorable, as the organization brings together the best experts in the forex market, creating a unique professional environment for resolving disputes in financial markets. Now our agency is also among those who influence the global development of forex, which means that our clients will have access to even more useful services available not only in Russia, but also in international markets,” says Valentina Drofa, Director General of Drofa CA.

The tasks of the agency in Finacom will include members consulting on promotion, PR, communication strategy building, as well as media support of the Financial Commission activities.

“We recommend only professional partners to the members of the Financial Commission, and this is the case with Drofa CA. Our main goal is to increase confidence in the industry, and among other things this is achieved by increasing the efficiency and transparency of each company in the market. The agency’s assistance in improving the internal processes of financial companies, marketing, positioning and financial services selling will certainly help in achieving the stated goals.

In addition, we want the general public to know about the activities of the Finacom, understanding our mission and objectives. We believe that cooperation with Drofa will increase the awareness of financial services consumers about their free of charge tool to protect their rights,” said Peter Tatarnikov, the Board of directors chairman in the Financial Commission.

The Financial Commission was established in 2013 to act as a neutral third-party resolution committee that examines and fairly resolves customers claims. The main advantages of the Commission are the high speed of dispute resolution and deep expertise in the Forex market, which contributes to a more effective dispute settlement than through industry regulators and the legal system as a whole. In addition, the Financial Commission provides additional protection for traders through its own compensation fund. The Finacom unites independent industry leading experts who are able to effectively resolve any dispute between a trader and a broker.

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