What can go wrong? Mistakes at ICO PR 

12 Mar

On March 16th, Valentina Drofa, the CEO of the Drofa Communication Agency and ICOPR Agency will speak at the CRYPTOPITER 2018 conference.

In her report, Valentina will talk about the main mistakes that projects using ICO to attract funding make in their public campaigns.

“For more than 9 months we have been engaged in PR-promotion of ICO-projects and have managed to accumulate a lot of experience on the issues of building communications in different countries of the world. We see that companies that are starting ICO campaigns realize the importance of being open with their information, but at the same time they are not always ready to build full-fledged relations with the audience, focusing on short-term promotion aimed at quick attraction of funds. My task is to show, using specific examples, all those “narrow” turns where companies can make mistakes without having proper experience in interaction with the public” – says Valentina Drofa.

CRYPTOPITER 2018 is a practical conference on cryptotrading, cryptoinvestment and ICO. The main goal of the event is the practical education of St. Petersburg citizens interested in blockchain technologies, crypto-currencies, cryptotrading, mining and marketing of ICO projects.

The conference will be held in the PetroCongress BC, at Lodeynopolskaya 5. The opening is at 10.00.

You can registration for the event on the official site.

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