Drofa to Attend CRYPTONIZATION in Kazakhstan

04 Jul

Valentina Drofa, CEO of the agencies Drofa and ICOPR Agency, will present at the CRYPTONIZATION conference, which will take place on July 8, 2018, at the Rixos Almaty hotel in Kazakhstan.

Valentina’s presentation will be on the particulars of PR in the Asian region. During her session, Valentina Drofa will share the secrets of how to quickly launch ICO projects, talk about her experiences bringing companies to Asian markets, and present her personal perspective on the problem of crypto fraud in Kazakhstan.

“The level of financial literacy in Kazakhstan is still low, and we, the experts of the industry, need to work as quickly as possible to fill in the knowledge gap that people have about cryptocurrency, new instruments, and potential fraud schemes on these markets. I am thrilled that the organizers invited me to participate. We were already able to work with them on promoting Taklimakan Network in Asia, and I hope that our collaboration at CRYPTONIZATION will be just as successful,” comments Valnetina Drofa.

The conference organizer, Taklimakan Network, is a decentralized investment and education business platform for crypto investors, traders, and analysts that facilitates decision making for users at any level.

You can reserve your spot at the conference on the CRYPTONIZATION website: http://cryptonization.kz/#main.

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