Corporate publications are a powerful PR tool of the company in our world dominated by content. Not only do they let the customers know about goods and services of the company, but also create the right image for the company through the proper presentation.

CA Drofa assists in publishing corporate newspapers and magazines, pre-pares to release books written by the experts or write them to order.

Key elements of the process:

  • To design a concept and develop business plan
  • To find authors or coordinate co-authored work;
  • To find editor, corrector, designer;
  • To prepare design, illustrations, make-up;
  • To assist in obtaining the documentation for the publication (library code, Me-dia license);
  • To distribute.

These services can be provided both separately and as a turnkey solution, depending on the client’s need.

Examples of publications made by CA Drofa:

  • Books

Project: “World’s Exchanges in Saxo Trader”

Client: SaxoBank

Goal: to make an exciting and easy to understand presentation of the financial instruments available on the trading platform of the company.

Concept: Supplement the articles about the major world’s exchanges (educa-tional content) with the information about the most interesting financial pro-ducts (stocks, futures, currencies) that can be bought via Saxo Trader

Functions of the Agency:

  • To create a concept (structure of the articles, list of exchanges, list of financial products);
  • To select a editor;
  • To assist in creating a content;
  • To provide design and DTP services;
  • To print and distribute the publication;
  • To promote the publication in social media.

Corporate newspaper

Project: Newspaper on investments «Money.Investments.Income»

Client: Golden Hills — КапиталЪ АМ

Frequency: quarterly

Goal: Use the newspaper on investments to distribute information about company’s products and services in business centers, restaurants, hotels.

Concept: 4-8 spreads, relevant articles on earning opportunities. Each news-paper contains the company’s reporting on the key portfolios. Publication of third party advertisements along with the client’s ads.

Functions of the Agency:

  • Naming and logo;
  • Concept design (columns, topics, design);
  • Editor and authors selection, work supervision;
  • DTP services
  • Printing and distribution

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