“Forex Dialogues”. There is an interest to Russia

06 Feb

January 26, 2017 in Limassol (Cyprus) Drofa Communication Agency held a business brunch for financial companies “Forex Dialogues: What’s in Store for 2017”. The private event was attended by the owners of brokerage firms, marketing directors, heads of IBs.



“We appreciate the past event. For us, this is a new way of interaction with industry. We were able to discuss with its representatives new products in demand for this year, and new regions where it is necessary to go, and the Forex Law that is of interest to everyone who is planning to work in Russia. By the way, Russia despite the fact that the situation with the regulation is not absolutely clear to the companies-participants of the market, is still of interest for forex brokers from different countries. I am glad that we managed to develop dialogues when we debated on the most interesting issues, presenting different points of view and outlining the main vectors of the market development for the next year,” shared her impressions the CEO of Drofa Communications Agency Valentina Drofa.


At the meeting, the agency presented the first edition of TooMuchMoney newspaper dedicated to the forex industry in 2017. It is assumed that the newspaper will be published quarterly.

“The Russian forex market has a bit more than 20 years of history, but little can be said in terms of business. And such situation is not only in Russia. For example, there is only one event for industry representatives held in Cyprus, where the offices of many financial companies are located. We want to change the situation because we see that it is important for the industry to intercommunicate, to share experience. We are planning to arrange regular meetings similar to what we have already held, presenting webinars on the most popular issues, preparing the market digests, and also further edition of the newspaper,” shared Valentina Drofa.


The closest event to be held in Kazakhstan late February – early March.

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