Drofa Communications Agency Released the First Issue of Forex Market Newspaper

10 Feb

Drofa Communications Agency presented the first issue of the forex market newspaper «TooMuchMoney» during the business brunch for financial companies, which took place in Limassol (Cyprus) late January. The paper is designed for owners and employees of forex companies.

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“There is little said about Forex as an industry, though the market has more than 20 years’ history in Russia. We want to change the situation, to help companies in the industry to better interact with each other and share experiences, improve the reputation of the market,” comments Valentina Drofa, the Director General of Drofa Communications Agency.

The first issue of the newspaper analyzes the regions with big potential for forex companies. It also identifies specific promotion techniques for the companies, describes the latest changes in legislation.

Articles of the first issue:

* Forex Market Regulation in Russia: the impossible is possible
* Asia is the Key Market Driver in 2017
* Kazakhstan is Ready – Come and Take It!
* What Kind of Ads Will Work in 2017?
* Roller coaster, or two years of Forex Life
* Is It Time for Forex to come to Kazakhstan?

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