Drofa takes part in anon summit 2020

The Drofa Communications Agency team is taking part in ANON Summit 2020. The future of decentralized finance, tokenization processes, and the influence of cryptocurrencies on the global economy are being discussed at this event, which is being held online May 19–20. The summit’s speakers include Austria’s federal minister of digital and economic affairs, representatives of the Kraken exchange and Raiffeisen Bank, and founders of blockchain centers, crypto exchanges, and financial companies.

“Doing PR and promotion for blockchain projects and fintech companies is our primary focus right now. I consider it vital that our team be in the know about market trends and able to suggest relevant solutions to our clients. The current global situation has, on the one hand, limited our trips to events, but on the other hand, allowed us to attend many interesting events online, and see speakers that are engaging and important to the industry and whom we might have missed at other conferences. The topics of greatest interest to us at this summit are the future of digital assets, the particulars of blockchain applications in various industries, and the effect of this crisis on the cryptocurrency market,” comments Valentina Drofa, CEO of Drofa CA.