Drofa invites you to Spain

The communications agency Drofa will take part in the Barcelona Trading Conference on July 10-11, 2019. This is the first conference dedicated to discussing the influence of crypto innovations on the trading market. Over the course of two days, members of the finance industry will discuss the latest developments and trends and have the chance to mingle with thought leaders in the crypto space.

“I expect a lot of use out of this conference. It’s amazing that representatives of various sectors of the finance industry will finally gather in one place. The hype around cryptocurrencies and blockchain from two years ago has passed, and we’re in a wonderful time, where the market is not being convulsed by excitement, but instead features truly cool, well-developed, and useful projects. It has become more interesting to work with blockchain companies, because they’re willing to play the long game, and we have been signing PR contracts lasting a year at least. At this new event in Barcelona, I hope to meet with many clients and get as much useful information as possible about trends and patterns from the sessions, because I know that each panel will be moderated by real practitioners, people who work in crypto trading every day,” says Valentina Drofa, CA Drofa’s CEO, in talking about her expectations.

During the expo, Valentina Drofa will conduct several free PR consultations for financial companies, involving a brief audit of their promotion strategy, recommendations of tools that work, and an explanation of how to enter new markets and which ones are most promising.

Sign up for a free consultation by filling out the form, and we will get in touch to confirm the meeting!