Drofa Comms Set To Visit Crypto Expo Event in Dubai

The Blockchain Economy Summit is drawing to a close today, so our team is getting ready to move on to new events.

Next on Drofa Comms’ agenda is the Crypto Expo that will take place on October 5-6, also in Dubai. Crypto Expo Dubai is set to become the largest event in Asia in 2022, bringing together over 10 000 participants from across the world. The venue will be an excellent place for prominent crypto industry members to network and explore business opportunities.

“We are only into the first week of October, yet things are already becoming quite busy. With so many news and shifting trends, events like Crypto Expo represent a great opportunity to keep a finger on the pulse of the most important goings in the crypto sector. Listening to the insights of market leaders is always a useful way of determining how the direction of this industry is changing, and where it will go next”, – highlights Masha Balanovich, External Communications Manager at Drofa Comms.