Drofa Comms Pays Visit To ALFI Conference In Our Home-Region – London, UK
ALFI Events

While our CEO Valentina Drofa is in Dubai taking part in the multitude of blockchain and crypto events, our team is also paying due attention to other sectors in the financial market.

On October 11-12 Masha Balanovich, External Communications Manager at Drofa Comms visited the ALFI (Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry) Conference in London. 

The main purpose of the event was to bring together frontrunners from across the UK and EU fund industries to debate on the latest happenings, challenges, and opportunities taking place in the fund industries in these markets.

Over 1400 representatives from funds, asset management companies, and businesses gathered at the venue to discuss matters of regulation, investor protection, monetary policies, sustainable economies, and other topics crucial to the development of the fund industry in the post-Brexit world.

“It was my pleasure to attend both ALFI London Cocktail and Conference. There were many discussions around ESG – during the panels and the networking time. Panellists went into the problematic focus on the ‘E” and the lack of attention to the ‘S’ in ESG. To me, this is rather understandable at this stage as the ecological input is easier calculated and better researched than the social aspect of it,” – states Masha Balanovich, External Communications Manager at Drofa Comms.