Drofa Comms is Among Top PR Agencies for Startups in the UK— Silicon Canals
Drofa Comms is Among Top PR Agencies for Startups in the UK— Silicon Canals

On the verge of the new year, we want to share a great announcement from our team — Drofa Comms is ranked one of the top UK-based PR agencies for startups in 2022 by Silicon Canals. 

Silicon Canals, a leading technology media source, compiled a list of the best 11 PR agencies for start-ups in the UK, and Drofa Comms has been included. The fastest-growing PR agency of 2022, 13th globally and 5th in the UK, according to Provoke, Drofa Comms is now recognized as one of the best consultancies for growing businesses in the region. 

In the rating, Silicon Canals emphasises the utmost importance of a PR strategy for start-ups. Getting media coverage, creating a company’s positioning on the market, developing valuable press relations — all of these are meticulously elaborated and efficiently implemented by a PR agency that leads a business to success. Drofa Comms perfectly knows it, being one of the top PR consultancies for startups to help them gain success on the market.

“It’s a great honour to be included in the top. We are beyond grateful for your trust; the responsibility that comes from recognition is immense. Working hand in hand with a client, we can achieve major business goals and together craft the path to success. We’ve come a long way, and we will continue to expand our expertise and develop effective solutions to bring our clients only the best results,”— Valentina Drofa, Founder and CEO of Drofa Comms, notes.