Drofa Comms` COO and Co-Founder Mary Poliakova Has Become a Member of IPRA

We are excited to announce that Mary Poliakova, Drofa Comms’ Co-Founder and COO, joined the International Public Relations Association (IPRA).

IPRA is a leading global network for Public Relations specialists. It has been in the market since 1955 and is recognised by the United Nations. The organisation sets the goal to further the development of communication and the ethical practice of public relations.

At Drofa Comms, we strongly believe that ethics in PR matter. Honesty, respect and integrity are the blocks upon which we strive to build all our relations and communication, both with our clients and with the media.

Joining IPRA allows Mary to take part in the inclusive community of PR experts, share her experience and considerations with fellow professionals, while also adopting the knowledge of other members of the association.

It is a great honour and an equally great responsibility for me. The goals IPRA pursues speak to my heart and I look forward to doing my part in promoting higher standards and ethical behaviour in the field of public relations. I sincerely hope that my 15 years of experience in PR will prove to be of use and I am excited to share it with colleagues and future PR professionals,” – remarks Mary Poliakova herself.

IPRA is the third association of PR professionals Drofa Comms co-founders have joined. Among others are PRCA and Women in PR, joined by CEO and Founder Valentina Drofa earlier this year.