Drofa Comms CEO Set To Visit World Blockchain Summit 2022 – Conclusion To Dubai Crypto Tour

Dubai has been practically bursting with crypto and blockchain events throughout October. In a diligent effort to keep our finger on the pulse of the market, our team has been present on more than a few of those. 

Now our CEO Valentina Drofa is visiting the World Blockchain Summit (WBS) as the final part of her crypto tour in Dubai. The event is taking place this week, on October 17-19.

The WBS is an initiative that brings together the most prominent thought leaders from the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, and is likely one of the more important events to take place in this sector in 2022. 

From crypto investors to technology leaders to government representatives – experts from all walks of life will come together to discuss the future of the industry. The event will cover all manner of topics, from DeFi and the Metaverse, to VC engagement with digital assets, regulatory advances in crypto, institutionalisation of this market, and more. 

“All of these subjects hold revolutionary potential in terms of transforming businesses and government operations alike. The World Blockchain Summit is a prime opportunity to listen to discussions between the frontrunners of the crypto industry, gain insights into the latest trends of the market, and do business with the most progressive projects around,” – states Valentina Drofa, CEO and Founder at Drofa Comms.