Drofa Comms Celebrates Its 11th Birthday

This autumn 2022 Drofa Comms celebrates its 11th birthday. Despite the fact that our international team includes people from all over the world, we all came together to celebrate the joyous occasion.

Drofa Comms has come a long way since we first began our path in 2011. Having started as a consultancy for FX companies, we broadened our perspective to include the fintech and later the crypto market over the years.

It took us a while to determine where we fit with the rest of this market as it continuously developed and changed. And, naturally, we had our bumps along the way. But even those we considered an opportunity to learn from. And with every challenge that we tackled as a team, we grew wiser and more skilled.

Drofa Comms puts a great emphasis on our team – people are at the core of our values. Being an international company, we consider it of great importance to have an international team of professionals, all of whom can offer their own perspectives and help us improve our work. 

Over the years, we took great care to develop our corporate culture, which allowed us to bring together people with many different backgrounds and unify them under a single banner, Drofa Comms. 

Doing so resulted in our company making great strides in terms of efficiency of business processes and cohesion of operations, further bolstering the level of services that we can offer our clients.

The core essence of our consultancy always remains the same. Unlike many other PR agencies that spread themselves thin across different sectors, we keep our focus strictly on the field of finance and fintech.

Doing so allows us to provide more in-depth, high-quality PR services for companies in this market. It is not an exaggeration to say that our dedication to an intentionally chosen niche places us among the best PR service providers for fintech companies in the market.

“At Drofa Comms, we consider openness, transparency and dedication to maximising the benefits for our clients to be at the core of what we do. And it is thanks to the level of our employees that we can provide such outstanding services. A company grows together with its people, and I am proud of the path that we have walked so far and will continue to walk in the future,” – states Valentina Drofa, Founder and CEO of Drofa Comms.