Drofa Comms Attends Crypto AM Spring Awakening in London
Drofa Comms Attends Crypto AM Spring Awakening in London

On Thursday, March 30, our Drofa Comms team paid a visit to the residence of the Lord Mayor London for the first of Crypto AM’s series of prominent gatherings in 2023.

Amidst heated discussions of the UK’s potential to become the next crypto hub, the event’s theme was the ‘State of the Union of Crypto in the UK’. The culmination of the evening was a prestigious networking lunch in the surroundings of the historic Egyptian Hall. The past, present and future really did come together that night.

The Spring Awakening was hosted by James Bowater – Crypto AM founder and editor-at-large. Among other topics, the keynote speakers and guests were keen on discussing CBDCs development, government policies and regulations, and the much-debated impact of the SEC on the global custody world.

“Drofa Comms team always makes sure to attend Crypto AM events as they have been rightfully bearing the title of leading fintech events in the country for years. And this year is no exception. The latest event was filled with networking opportunities and great market insights. I look forward to the next Crypto AM event of 2023,” – notes Masha Balanovich, External Communications Manager at Drofa Comms.