Drofa Comms Attended PRmoment Webinar “The Intersection of Data, Insight and PR Planning”

Last month Drofa Comms listened to some bright ideas of PR experts regarding communications in crisis and KPIs in Public Relations.  This month we decided to go further and listen more about trends that are affecting our industry. 

On November 10th, Drofa Comms team embarked on the new webinar organised by PRmoment. The goal of this virtual event was to discuss the intersection of data, insight and PR planning. 

One of the invited experts, Adam Mack, director of strategy & insight, Hope & Glory PR, highlighted 4 crucial principles of PR planning: research, insight, analysis and application. According to him, these stages were relevant 10 years ago — and are still now. However, the approach to these stages has to change. With the change in news consumption and ubiquitous spread of data that has weaponised the research process, the PR planning model has shifted. How we have to absorb information from a variety of data sources, extract the insight by studying online behaviour, distil into strategy by thinking beyond PR (intersection of communications, social and influencer), and last but not least, brief in and bring to life flexibly but consistently. 

Another speaker, Jennifer Munroe, strategist at Grayling, elaborated on a mix of tools required for modern PR planning, while outlining useful primary research techniques. She pointed out  that in order to use data properly, PR practitioners need to ask the right questions related to brand (or business), audience, culture and competitors. During her part, Mrs. Munroe also made an emphasis on the importance of measurement — knowing the difference between Inputs, Outputs, Outcomes, Success, and setting up tools to measure them from the campaign outset. 

The intersection of data, insight and PR planning is more critical now than ever. The omniscient digitalisation of all of our lives means more data, which needs to be considered by media specialists, in particular, PR managers. With the change in trends and consumer needs, I expect that in the not-too-distant future the profession of “Data PR-manager” will come to the fore”, remarks Mary Poliakova, Co-founder and COO of Drofa Comms.