Drofa Comms Attended PRMoment Webinar “The Most Popular KPIs in PR”
Drofa Comms Attended PRMoment Webinar “The Most Popular KPIs in PR”

Alongside with attending the hottest crypto and blockchain events of the industry, Drofa Comms team is staying in touch the latest trends lying in the core of the agency — Public Relations. 

On October 12th, Drofa Comms attended a virtual event orginised by PRMoment in partnership with Meltwater. The agenda of the webinar was to discuss some of the most popular KPIs in the modern PR industry. 

One of the speakers, Charlie Ayling, head of marketing UKI at Meltwater, provided his expertise on the evolution of KPIs from traditional to PR to the age of influence. He mentioned the ubiquitous change of media landscape and shift to Digital PR, highlighting seven digital strategis, instruments and metrics (i.e. Trending Themes, Social Echo, Influencer Analysis) used that need to change as well in the age of influence. Another speaker, Emily Morgan, managing director operations and innovation at The Red Consultancy, elaborated on how to choose and contextualise the right KPI and how to make sure it is strategically useful to the business. 

“Media landscape is a mobile platform that is constantly changing and shifting its directions to something more innovative — the emergence of Digital PR is another proof of this. Me and my PR team at Drofa Comms need to adapt and keep up with these changes to stay trendy and demanded by our clients. Since we are living in the metric-driven world, we need to target ourselves on the outcome we deliver — that is why we need to include in our work KPIs that tell the full story. Attending events like this one helps our Drofa Comms team keep up to date with the latest industry tendencies and therefore apply only relevant tools in our work”, – highlights Mary Poliakova, Co-founder and COO of Drofa Comms.