Drofa Comms at the Valentine’s Keynote, Networking & Soiree – Crypto A.M.

On Wednesday, February 17, Drofa Comms attended an event organised by Crypto A.M. – the Valentine’s Keynote, Networking & Soirée. Just like any Crypto AM event, the soirée is a great opportunity to strengthen partnerships with crypto businesses and contribute to the growth of the sector.

The main question for the panel discussion this time was “Is multi-chain interoperability the path to true blockchain mass adoption?” It was especially emphasised that the crypto industry develops at great speed which means it is no longer enough just to discuss the trends on the sidelines and monitor the news, however, it is important to constantly be in touch with industry players to keep abreast. It has also been noted that regulators have a vital part to play, as they are the ones who can accelerate adoption by explaining crypto to the final user on the one hand, and making themselves available to the businesses, on the other. The main takeaway for us, as a PR consultancy, is that we need to give the voice to the companies and get the word out which is the input we make to the sector daily.

“Ken Olling, Co-Founder & CEO at MELD, has put the word “respect” on the table for our reflection – what it means for the industry. He went on to note that now it is important for industry players to stop rivalry and unite to demonstrate the need to adopt certain regulatory instruments. This is the only way we will be able to draw the attention of large institutional organisations to the industry and bring stability to the market” – says Masha Balanovich, PR Manager at the UK Branch of Drofa Comms.