Drofa Comms at Finnovex Europe Virtual Summit: Financial Services Innovation and Excellence

On 10-11 May, the Drofa Comms team participated in Finnovex Europe Virtual Summit, tuning in for the discussion of digital transformation happening right now all around the world. The event is a fully-virtual summit that brought together experts in banking and financial services to discuss the changes in the sector. 

The speakers touched upon regulations and how they help to move the whole sector forward and slow its pace down depending on the approach. There were also discussions on FinTech globalization as well as open banking and the best business models for future banks.

The uniting idea for the series of summits, also happening in the Middle East, is to form a better understanding of what the future of financial services is, what would affect these changes and how the business can adapt to them.

“It was enlightening to listen to people talk about the future of the banking and financial world. The digital world is already upon us, and if companies do not adapt, they’re going to be left behind. All that company has to offer needs to be client-oriented and located exactly where the person can find it. Time-free, location-free business is the success story” — Maya Pavlova, Drofa Comms’ PR Manager.