Drofa Comms at Financial Times Crypto and Digital Assets Summit in London – Panels Takeaway and Crypto After Dark

Last week Drofa Comms’ UK PR Manager, Masha Balanovich, attended the Crypto and Digital Assets Summit organised by Financial Times. The 2-day event was filled with insights and speakers all over the world representing every crypto sphere imaginable. Among speakers were Changpeng Zhao, Founder&CEO of Binance; Charlotte Hogg, CEO of VISA; Michael Sonnenshein, CEO of Grayscale Investments; David Mercer, CEO of LMAX Group; Ian Taylor, Executive Director of CryptoUK and many others. The event aimed at connecting the financial and cryptocurrency elite to establish a more secure global financial system. The discussion touched upon crypto regulation, stablecoins and CBDCs, NFT and their application to daily needs, main crypto misconceptions and how to bring trust to the sector.

Some of the most insightful takeaways came from CZ’ interview, who is the founder and CEO of Binance. He stated that Bitcoin is more stable than Tesla or Apple. It is not as volatile as people sometimes think. And talking about other strong misconceptions that still exist, he mentioned the illicit activities threat. In fact, according to Chinalysis, only 0.1% of crypto transactions are associated with bad actors. He highlighted that cryptocurrencies are designed to be transparent as every transaction can be tracked to its origin. The weak spot here is education. Meaning crypto-players need to make more effort demystifying digital assets.

Masha gives her take on the summit: “The panellists were selected exclusively. I always pay attention to the content part just as much as to the networking. As a communications firm, we not only need to follow the news but also share the latest updates and expert takes with journalists. Events like FT Crypto and Digital Asset Summit are great tools for that purpose.”

After the virtual content part, Drofa Comms joined Crypto After Dark – the networking physical event.
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