Drofa Comms announces an official launch in London as a part of a global expansion strategy

Being the heart of global finance, London was a natural step for our company to take, seeing as clients from the UK and Europe have featured as a considerable share of our portfolio for the last four years.

The idea is to meet their needs more closely. The new office will support the company’s efforts in promoting international and local projects in the media worldwide.

“Drofa lives and breathes finance and we have been growing alongside this sector for a decade. After actively talking with our current clients, we have realised that we were prepared to land at the centre of a major financial hub, in order to provide our expertise on a global scale,” – remarks Valentina Drofa, CEO of Drofa Comms.

The new branch will advocate and strengthen relations with media professionals, influencers, and business partners for the best outreach. The team of PR experts is always attentive to the latest trends to strategically establish the image of its clients, and position the brands as benchmarks in their respective segments.

“We work side by side with our clients setting the right tone of voice that reflects their core principles. We strive to attract the best professionals, so together we can reach the top-of-mind awareness when it comes to PR and Communications,” – explains Maria Poliakova, COO of Drofa Comms. 

Drofa’s team is assembled from a diverse range of specialists with backgrounds in banking, financial journalism, regulatory, law, blockchain, and trading. Today, it has over 70 multicultural professionals working at the global market with a special focus on the UK, Europe, CIS, and LATAM. Experience, honesty, openness, impeccability, focus on the financial sector — this is what defines Drofa.

Drofa’s future plans include expanding the team, taking part in professional communities and ratings, as well as strengthening positions in the British and European market.