Crypto Regulations and TradFi Adaptation. Drofa Comms’ Recaps of Crypto and Digital Assets Summit 2023 in London
Crypto Regulations and TradFi Adaptation. Drofa Comms’ Recaps of Crypto and Digital Assets Summit 2023 in London

On May 9-10 Drofa Comms team attended the Crypto and Digital Assets Summit 2023 in London, an event organised by the Financial Times, one of the most influential media outlets in finance. The summit successfully brought together numerous leading professionals from various sectors, including business, government, and communities.

Among the key topics discussed during the two-day event was the regulation of cryptocurrencies and the need for international coordination on this matter. Speakers from different perspectives emphasised the importance of expediting regulatory processes, particularly after significant political and banking upheavals. Despite tense communication with regulators in the US, major market players are expanding their compliance departments and actively seeking constructive dialogue. Kristin Smith, Head of the Blockchain Association, highlighted the significance of reaching consensus among crypto businesses behind the scenes and presenting a united front as a team. Concurrently, the UK, following the recent release of EU MiCA regulations, is working to establish its own comprehensive set of rules to position itself as a genuine Crypto Hub and attract crypto entrepreneurs.

The summit also delved into the challenges associated with the adoption of blockchain technologies in central banking, the future prospects of crypto payments and CNBC, protection against scammers, and the evolving landscape of the metaverse economy.

The event boasted a lineup of distinguished experts and influential opinion leaders, making the discussions engaging and highly productive. Prominent speakers and panellists in attendance included Andrew Griffith (UK Government), Hester Peirce (SEC), Eun Young Choi (US Department of Justice), Sarah Pritchard (FCA), Gilbert Verdian (CEO and Founder, Quant), Tom Mutton (Bank of England), Peter Golder (LSE Group), Kristin Smith (Blockchain Association), Frederik Gregaard (Cardano Foundation), and others.

“The summit undoubtedly can be listed among the most impactful events in the industry. I want to thank the organisers for the opportunity to engage in dynamic discussions and gain the most up-to-date ideas firsthand. It was a truly insightful experience for the entire Drofa Comms team. We will definitely join next year!” – says Masha Balanovich, External Communications Manager at Drofa Comms.