ChatGPT: Fad, Threat, or the Future of B2B Comms? Drofa Comms Attends Event by PRCA in London
ChatGPT: Fad, Threat, or the Future of B2B Comms?

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On April 12th, the PRCA hosted the insightful event «ChatGPT: Fad, Threat, or the Future of B2B Comms?» in London. Presented by Alex Warren, author of Spin Machines and tech PR pro at Wildfire, the event aimed to explore the impact of AI on the future of B2B communications. Quite certainly, Drofa Comms could not miss it! 

During the event, Alex delved into various aspects of AI, discussing its pros, cons, and misconceptions. He emphasised that AI cannot replace communicators now but could assist with routine tasks such as copy creation, pitches, and storyboards. As AI takes on these tasks, PR specialists should focus on strategy, consultancy, creativity, and networking. Alex also stressed the importance of training one’s Big Picture skills that include considering long-term effects and building a vision of the opportunities ahead..

Despite all the benefits of implementing AI to PR work, the technology is quite new and not perfect. PR specialists work with sensitive materials and any word or tone of voice in messages may cause serious consequences.  So we need to be careful with the information provided and produced by AI. Some key concerns associated with the rising use of AI nowadays are problems with data protection, lack of originality, and the need for human oversight. With that said, fact checking is still king. 

The final advice to attendees was to embrace technology, try new tools, automate work, and hone skills AI will never possess. On the overall, the event provided a comprehensive view of AI’s potential in the B2B comms landscape, sparking valuable discussions and ideas.