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In a changing world full of noise and giant competition, the most difficult thing is to be seen and heard.

And that is exactly what Drofa Comms does best. Our goal is to help financial and fintech companies find clients, enter new markets and maintain brilliant communication.

The story of the agency started in 2011. We have come a long way from a local company to an international company with offices in Limassol, London and Shanghai. We have a multinational team of professionals, among whom there are bankers, financiers, financial journalists, blockchain and trading experts. We keep working with external experts and legal consultants who give us an up-to-date overview of the situation and help us to remain objective. We dive deep in fintech so we understand what clients the company needs and what media they trust. That is why it will not be hard for us to lead you in high-ranking and highly specialized media where you will meet your audience.

We love and promote finance and fintech to show the possibilities of new technologies that change the world and help companies stand out.

By building your communications, we augment the number of clients, boost the attractiveness of your business for the best job seekers, improve the assessment of your company in the eyes of investors and partners. Over the past 10 years, we have proven that we are doing it impeccably.

We use our experience,but we are open to innovation.We find a tailor-made trajectory for any business, but we do not experiment with your reputation. We have a clear strategy and we are used to doing our job flawlessly.

We direct your communications and give a detailed report on each of our steps, so that you are completely sure that with our help you are achieving your goals.

Whether you want to conquer a local market or plan to go global, we will always support you in this endeavor and help you to properly set up interaction with all stakeholders.

Experience, honesty, openness, impeccability, focus on the financial sector — this is what makes us DROFA.

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