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Drofa Comms – a trusted PR firm for eminent finance and fintech brands.

Drofa Comms is a global PR consulting agency proudly representing the leading finance and fintech firms. With an HQ in London, UK, and an international office in Limassol, Cyprus, Drofa Comms boasts a compelling portfolio of high-profile clients in the finance and fintech sectors. Our major clients include commercial and investment banks, AMCs and AIFs, trading platforms, exchanges, payment solutions, and blockchain companies.

Our mission is to support financial firms and their leaders to establish trustful and long-lasting relationships with their key stakeholders.

The Drofa team unites 50+ experts and advisors in PR, journalism, branding, media planning, trading, digital assets, and financial law. Our team has been bridging the worlds of PR and finance since 2011 by telling complex stories in a simple yet convincing way to be heard by diverse audiences.

Drofa Comms is ranked 13th globally and 5th in the UK as the fastest-growing PR agency of 2022, according to PRovoke. We are members of PRCA, IPRA, Forbes Council, and Women in PR.

Financial companies trust us the formation of their globally recognisable brand. We use our extensive expertise to create a compelling brand identity through creative storytelling respectfully to our client’s needs. 

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