27- 28 July – Drofa Comms Team is joining Blockchain Economy Summit, Istanbul
27 - 28 July – Drofa Comms Team at Blockchain Economy, Istanbul

Next week, our team, including consultancy’s founder and CEO, Valentina Drofa, will get together in Istanbul to be a part of Blockchain Economy Summit. Being Eurasia’s largest blockchain event, it’s a gathering of world’s top crypto companies and blockchain entrepreneurs. Quite certainly Drofa Comms couldn’t miss it! More than 3K sector leaders are coming to Istanbul to redefine the future of finance.

The range of topics is beautifully broad – from Web3 and crypto assets global transformation to social trading ​​and contemporary trading strategies. A particularly interesting part of the summit is the sponsor booths discussions and networking. An opportunity to meet major market players, both newly emerged and already familiar, can’t be ignored, the sector is formed of its participants after all.

“We are looking forward to meeting new people and companies as that kind of network always comes along with forward-thinking ideas. The sector is wonderfully fast-paced so watching how little sparks of ideas turn into full-scale flames is what I like about it. And also contributing to the growth of the flame with our clients of course!”, – comments Ms Drofa.